Health Dynamics Inventory

Health Dynamics Inventory (HDI)

Bridging care and wellness with better outcomes.

HDI Connect™ is a clinician and client friendly tool for measuring and tracking outcomes assessment results.

Measurement Scales


Hope or energy the patient brings to treatment and their efforts to change.


A departure from the state of normality or health




Alienation and Perception

Behavioral Problems

Eating Disorders

Substance Abuse


A loss of function, as a result of a disease, condition, or injury

Occupational Impairment

Relational Impairment

Self-Care Impairment

How it helps

Develops a personal progress report of improvement or setbacks

Provides a roadmap showing where to work next

Creates a discussion tool to help clinicians know who patients are

Reminds patients how they rated themselves last time

Offers a safe silent means to reach out for help

Connect Stakeholders for Patient-centered Care

HDI Connect™ is your organization’s bridge for connecting clinical care effectiveness to higher client satisfaction.

A valid measure of wellness, HDI Connect™ gauges and tracks clients’ current level of emotional, mental
and behavioral well-being and functioning. Web-based and mobile-friendly, HDI Connect™ can be
completed by clients on a tablet, computer or smart phone. Results are automatically scored and
illustrated within a comprehensive, easy-to-interpret summary graph and outcomes report, fostering
provider and client engagement by indicating problems and progress.

Bridge Clinical Performance and Quality Improvement

Set the stage for clinical performance and quality improvement (QI) by operationalizing HDI Connect™ .

By implementing HDI Connect™ organization-wide, periodic assessments flow into aggregated,
population-level data sets. HDI Connect™ data sets allow for population health analytics and data-driven
outcomes reporting.

Ultimately, HDI Connect™ improves your organization’s strategic position with two critical groups:
(a) payers seeking value-based purchasing terms and contracted rates referral, and (b) care delivery
partners expecting evidence of quality clinical care and favorable outcomes.

Let’s connect.

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