Healthcare Redefined.

Natalis is helping to bridge the gaps in healthcare by collaborating with essential pieces of the puzzle to create a complete care system.

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Connecting clients to community resources.


Our team works with Medical, Dental and Psychological professionals to ensure clients are getting the right treatments both mentally and physically.


Natalis is connected to local community groups that empower clients to build their support system from the ground up.


Housing is an essential part of maintaining one’s mental health and security. Natalis partners with housings facilities across the Twin Cities.


Navigating financial services can be complicated. Case managers work with county support systems and labored services to set clients up with the financial support needed.

Mental Health

Pairing mental health services, with job training and education services gives clients the tools needed to build healthy a life.


Transportation is one part of the equation to facilitating the road to recovery. Natalis partners with Metro Transit for reduced fares to get clients where they need to go. 

Natalis Outcomes is United Against Hate

In November 2021, we held a contest with our staff to create a poster based on a theme of diversity or united against hate.  While we had a number of wonderful posters to choose from, we are so proud to share our three winning entries here! 

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