About Us

About Us

Who are we?

Natalis Outcomes was one of the first providers to lead the exploration of the Behavioral Health Home Services program in Minnesota. Natalis Outcomes BHH is a care coordination program designed to help clients with chronic mental illness navigate the health and wellness world.  We look to promote wellness and reduce barriers of access to care that could lead to poor health and high utilization of emergency room and hospital services.

Our client centered, self-directed approach to care is what sets us apart from other care management methods.  Our team of case managers, care coordination specialists, and nurses, builds supportive relationships and assists individuals in finding medical, dental, mental health, chemical dependency treatment resources, and social services, and monitoring the use of these services. We facilitate collaboration between the client, their providers, and natural supports to form an extended team that will help each client reach their mental and physical health goals.

Our Wellness Approach


Our team teaches clients how to access and effectively use health care services to stay healthy, and how to manage their individual health care needs.


We provide transitional support when the time comes to leave one program or provider for another or transition back into the community.


Our team assists clients with finding community supports, meaningful employment, education and safe living solutions.


We assist clients with finding community supports, meaningful employment, education and safe living solutions.

Our Position

We are committed to taking meaningful action to prevent and respond to incidents of racism and social injustices we witness. We strive to make our employees and clients, of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, feel safe from harm, discrimination and aggression while under our watch.

It is also our policy to protect gender identity and expression as well as sexual orientation. We are fervently invested in being a safe and supportive space for LGBTQ members .

We view diversity as including all of the intersecting identities and characteristics that make us unique individuals. We pledge to serve our staff and our clients in a manner conducive to building trust, understanding and respect through compassion, kindness and support.

It is our sincerest desire to engage in ongoing self examination of our biases. We are invested in creating dialogues for growth and we take responsibility to educate ourselves about the impact of the direct and indirect inequities faced by those who work and those who receive services at Natalis Outcomes. We appreciate that none of us are perfect people. Therefore, if we fall short in even the slightest of ways, we expect and invite our staff and clients to speak up so we may respond with intent, rectify and do better.

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