Meet the Team

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

Dr. Jonathan Hoistad

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Jonathan Hoistad received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Minnesota, a M.A. in Developmental Psychology, and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. He is a licensed psychologist in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. His clinical practice includes consultation in behavioral health, family practice medicine, pre-surgery psychological evaluations, court consultation, school consultation, social service consultation, as well as teaching and supervision of psychology interns.  Dr. Hoistad believes that working in partnership with his patients to provide care, compassion, and understanding creates the best outcomes for the services he provides.

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Areas of Specialty:

Psychological Evaluations


Learning Disability

Assessment of Emotional and Cognitive Functioning

Personality Assessment

Competency/Guardianship Evaluations

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Assessment of Medication Response

Pre-Surgery Health and Behavior Assessments



Dialysis and Transplantation

Oncology Support

Spine Implant

Rehabilitation Planning

Wellness Development; Strategies for Compensating

Evaluation of mental states and emotional functioning after trauma, stroke, and critical care incidents


Individual/Group/Staff Psychological Supervision

Clinic Development and Behavioral Health Supervision

Court, Social Service, and School Consultation

Peter Hoistad

Director of Outreach + Intake Services

My passion, people. I like to connect with people, especially when I have the chance to positively impact someone’s life. I have been with the Natalis Outcomes team since 2016, and love what I do day in and day out. When I am not in the office you can find me at the gym, playing tennis, or hanging out with my dog Cali.

John Malchow

Program Administrator

Even when I was a child, I knew I was put on earth to serve others. I started working in the health care field in 1988 and haven’t looked back. I believe that we were all put here to make humankind better and I work to be a part of that. When I had the opportunity to work at Natalis Outcomes I knew I was a part of something much bigger – I was home! When I’m not working, I enjoy the outdoors, hanging out with my family and friends, and spending time with my granddaughters.

Sue Grundhoffer

HR/Office Administrator 

I started my career working in human resources for a wonderful company in the human services field.  After that, I worked for a number of years as the Director of a nonprofit doing amazing work in Haiti. Now, full circle complete!  I am back working in human resources and office administration at Natalis Outcomes with an amazing group of people! In my free time, I love spending time with my husband and teenage daughter, our two BIG dogs, and one crazy cat.

Paei Vang

Director, Health Care Management 

In my daily work, I enjoy supporting the provider to be efficient and resourceful in connecting clients to the care and resources they need.  I started at Natalis Outcomes in February 2020 and have been assisting Dr. Hoistad with this schedule and clinical cases.  When I am not in the office, I’m either watching Netflix, exercising, or cooking.

Christina Thao, Qualified Health Home Specialist 

The best thing is seeing the process of our clients being able to impact their lives towards success no matter how small it is. It brings uplifting encouragement to the individual’s life, as well as the community. When I am not at work I enjoy being with my family and friends, journaling, and experiencing new places. .

Alec Budge, Intake Specialist

Favorite organization: Save the Boundary Waters

My favorite thing when working with a client is building rapport and a strong foundation to best support their goals. The best thing about our clients is their optimism. Despite some bumps in the road, our clients find the silver lining and pursue an ideal future.

Jason Gillman, System Navigator

Favorite organization: Second Harvest

My favorite thing to do with our clients is to listen, and the best thing about the clients we serve is their individuality.

Shannon Hafner, Program Administrator

Favorite organization: “Celebrate Me Week” (It’s a self-esteem camp for kids going into 7th grade)

My favorite thing to do is help a client find affordable, stable housing. I find that everything else in their lives starts falling into place once they know they have a place to lay their heads each night. I love being able to find common ground with my clients, to build trust and to know that I can help them connect with services which will enhance their lives.

Arlee Hang, System Navigator

Favorite organization: Voices for Racial Justice

My favorite thing to do when helping clients is finding resources or programs to refer my clients to, knowing that it fits their interests and will help them meet their goals. The best thing about the clients we work with are the conversations we have and the stories they share.  Every day I get to practice empathy and compassion as I interact with clients and listen.

Andrew Hoistad, Psychometrist

Favorite organization: Fred Wells Tennis and Education Center

My favorite thing to do with our clients is to help them with the citizenship process. I like working with the immigrant/refugee population. I also like the psychological evaluation process.

LaQuisha Hartford, System Navigator

I’ve worked in Social Services for 25+ years in a variety of medical and adult foster care setting. I have a passion to assist individuals to have a broader quality of life. I enjoy decorating, traveling and spending time with my family. 

Lori Rasmussen, System Navigator

Favorite organization: Bridging

I really enjoy helping our clients through the process of Bridging (mostly because it’s the last step to stable housing). Each of our clients is different and unique which keeps it interesting.  Each client has their own story.

Dr. Jeff Boston, Licensed Psychologist
Barbara Widmer, RN Nurse

I really enjoy our clients, making them feel empowered and motivated to take charge of their health appointments and medications. I think getting to know each client individually and developing a professional relationship with each client. There are some clients that are on their 8th H&W so I feel like I have more of a rapport with them.

Elin Xiong, System Navigator

Favorite organization: Feed My Starving Children.

I think the best thing about the clients that we work with is that they have so much perseverance. I like to remind the clients that we work with on the little successes and celebrate them together.

Kassandra Thao, System Navigator

I love creating relationships with clients and being able to be with the client in every step of their journey. The best thing about the clients that we work with is that every individual is unique and has different needs which presents new and rewarding challenges to the work that we do.

Koua Vang, Care Manager

I started to work in mental health since 2013 as an administrative assistant and love doing what I do every day to make the provider and client meeting go smoothly. In my free time, I enjoy cleaning my house and cooking for my family, we love to eat pho and egg rolls.  

Taiheichen Celestine-Lloyd,
System Navigator

I believe in treating others the way that you want to be treated. I was always told by my mother that I was a natural born helper.  Helping others makes me feel good because I love to see others smile.  I believe that as a Case Manger I can help clients take back a piece of their life one step at a time.

Cheryl Rude, RN Nurse

I have been a nurse for over 20 years with experience in hospice, homecare, nursing home care and now I am excited to start the next chapter in my nursing career assisting Natalis clients to reach their goals. My passion is helping others to achieve health and wellness using a strong team approach to assist clients to reach the level of success that they desire and deserve. When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, bowling and most of all fishing at our cabin.

Amber Horkey, System Navigator

I have worked in human resources now for 10+ years and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I believe that all people need a little push to in the right direction. In my free time I enjoy camping, riding my side by side, building old cars with my husband and spending time relaxing with my dogs.

Luis Mendez, System Navigator 


Favorite Organization: The Trevor Project

One of the greatest experiences that I could have, is seeing those that I work with closely succeed in any goals that they set out for themselves. This is especially true when it comes to our clients. I want to help those that are in need realize that they can accomplish their goals. When I am not in the office, I enjoy working out and cooking. 

Aysia Webb, System Navigator

I am in this line of work because I truly enjoy being a safe space for people. Over anything else, I believe in the healing power of relationships. “It takes a village” is a cliché for a reason and everyone deserves a village. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my pets and loved ones, I love listening to and preforming music, and I find great joy in decorating and rearranging my space.

You Hang, System Navigator

My greatest joy in this field is being able to help clients achieve their goals one step at a time. Being able to create relationships and watch them do things that they may have thought impossible is one of the most rewarding feelings. They come to find that they are their own biggest hero’s who just needed a bit of compassion and encouragement. I also love being a part of that journey with them. In my spare time I enjoy being surrounded by my family and investing in my own financial literacy. 

Alex Dong, System Navigator

I believe relationships are essential to a healthy and meaningful life. In my life I can’t say enough of how much appreciation and gratefulness I have to those who have stuck with me and who have supported me through life. I hope I can be this kind of support to our clients because we all need someone who cares for our well-being. When I am not at work I enjoy hanging out with friends and playing boardgames

Emily Miller, Qualified Health Home Specialist

Favorite Organization: CAPRW

For me there is no better feeling in the world than to help someone in a meaningful, concrete way that genuinely improves their quality of life. That holds true in every aspect of my life. Whether I’m with my wonderful family, my friends, or in my role at Natalis, my first priority will always be service to others.

Barret Boyer, Qualified Health Home Specialist

Favorite Organization: Planned Parenthood

Being able to uplift the community and community members has always been a passion of mine. I graduated with a degree in Political Science and Public Health from Hamline University which helped solidify my passion for helping and advocating for others.

My hobbies outside of work include listening to historical podcasts, watching the Timberwolves, and most of all going to concerts!

Virginia (Jenny) Forster , Qualified Health Home Specialist

My favorite thing when working with clients is helping them find resources. The best thing about helping our clients is that they have their own story. Outside of work, I enjoy being outdoors, vacationing and spending time with my kids, husband as well as loving on my lab Sophie.

Liz Schultz, Qualified Health Home Specialist

Favorite Organization: National Alliance on Mental Illness

Being able to advocate for others and get them the help they need is something I’ve always wanted to do within my career. It’s the reason why I decided to study psychology at the University of Minnesota Duluth, as well as why I chose to enter the social services field.

When I am not working, I enjoy going on walks, reading, and cross-stitching!

Anna O’Neill, Qualified Health Home Specialist

Favorite Organization: East Side Freedom Library

I came to this field with the intent of helping clients live with dignity and joy, and ultimately creating community that’s safe and non-oppressive. I have a B.A. in sociology from Hamline University and I always bring that perspective into my work. In my free time I enjoy going to the gym and spending time with my friends & my cat Ada!

Katie Hall, Qualified Health Home Specialist

As someone with a degree in sociology I have a good understanding of both the system and systematic influences that effect people’s lives. My goal is to help people navigate these circumstances as well as assist in their day to day lives. I want my clients to know that I am there for support and want to help them get back on their feet. Working with Natalis Outcomes is just one of the ways I feel like I can help support the community in my day to day life. 

Demetrius Sampson, Qualified Health Home Specialist

I LOVE LOVE LOVE MOST music. I am also a huge fan of boat rides, rainy days, very relaxing and peaceful walks and drives in the fall, and most of all, LOVE my family! Pretty simple guy in other words.

Kim Sieczkowski, RN Nurse

Favorite organization:  Disabled American Vets

After nearly 20 years of direct patient care, I am looking forward to starting a new career chapter.  My wish is to help people to stay safe and have the essential services that we all deserve.  It’s though listening and understanding that we can build strong relationships to achieve this goal. 

Mary Kolarova, Qualified Health Home Specialist

I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Sociology and Having an understanding of the structure and environment of social problems makes me feel prepared to help others in living a holistic life. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, going to concerts, traveling, watching movies, and hanging with my friends and family.

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