Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Behavioral Health Home Agency?

  • We are an agency that collaborates with your mental health and primary care providers.
  • We  offer a new way to help you manage your care.
  • We are a place where you can go to receive help in getting your needs met.
  • We can also help you access social services, transportation, and other supports.

How can Behavioral Health Home Services help me?  We can:

  • Help you make an individual plan that includes your mental health and physical health strengths, needs, and goals;
  • Help you and your providers work together;
  • Help you get the services and supports you need;
  • Help you with referrals;
  • Help you get services if you are coming home from the hospital or residential service;
  • Help give you information about your care.

How is a Behavioral Health Home Agency different from my current case management services? 

  • It is a new way to provide case management.
  • It is a team approach.  You work with a case manager, a nurse, a clinical team leader, and a peer support specialist.
  • It is integrated.  We can help you reach your goals for both mental health recovery and physical health.
  • It is a partnership. Your behavioral health home team and your primary care provider work together to better coordinate care.
  • It includes client and family supports and education, so you can get information and support when you need it.

What if I don’t like this new service? You can leave the service at any time and go back to your usual case management. You can also try the Behavioral Health Home with a different provider. The choice is yours.

Will it cost me anything to be in this program? No, there is no charge to you for the service.

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